Plan Your Damn Website
is a workshop that makes DIY-ing your website super easy.

9-steps to planning your website including how to choose a platform, design your site, and create your content.

Plan Your Damn Website - Workshop


But the reality is that no matter how much you would rather focus on all your other stuff (and geez, there is so much to do), you really do need a website. Ideally, it should be a pretty good one, too.

A DIY website can be a huge project. But when you plan your website ahead of time, you’ll make the process of writing and making your website so much faster and painless-er.

Woman using a laptop, planning her website

Plan Your Damn Website is a workshop created for service businesses who want to DIY their website. I'll walk you through 9 steps you can take right now that will make building your own website super easy.

it's for you if you're...

A Service Business

A therapist or coach. A tax advisor, photographer, midwife, gardener, private chef, or tattoo artist. Maybe you've got an agency, teach yoga classes, or run creative workshops. If you sell services as part of your business, you're going to find something useful for you in this workshop.

Working on your website

either starting from scratch or making it better. And you're desperately seeking structure and easy-to-follow formulas so you can stop wasting time and get that baby live.​

Doing things differently

You’re not looking for generic. And you're ready to dig deep into your brand and create a website that is authentic, easy, and *dare I say* just better than most other websites out there.



  • Where to start your website project and what you need before you begin.
  • Which platform to choose – Squarespace, WordPress, and WebFlow, oh my.
  • Web design 101 – themes, fonts, logos, colors, and photos
    What pages every service business website needs to have
  • Planning your content – writing a website that does your sales for you.
  • And honestly, so much more.

What other people say


This workshop will take the overwhelm and uncertainty out of planning your website. It’s going to be an easy-to-follow process with exercise and resources. And it’s designed just for businesses like yours.

This is going to be simple. We've narrowed it down to 9-steps so that you can finally stop pushing your DIY website project and get everything you need together to get that baby live.

Complete this workshop and you’ll have all the foundations you need to create a website quickly and easily.

Taylor of More Outlandish

I'm Taylor, and I started More Outlandish to Make You Look Cooler Online

More Outlandish is a small collective of (mostly friends!) who work as freelance web designers, copywriters, designers, marketing specialists, and photographers who believe in outlandish ideas and new ways of doing things.

Our whole thing at More Outlandish is making community-based businesses and creative entrepreneurs look really good online with bold websites, authentic copywriting, and photography magic. 


$ 37
  • 9-Step Process for Planning a Website for Your Service Business
  • 30 Minutes of Stop-and-Start Video So You Can Plan Your Website Quickly and Easily
  • Created just for service businesses.