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  Playful Website for Berlin Coworking Space is a creative coworking space “for work and other stuff”. We started the coworking space quick-and-dirty in 2021. Our first phase of branding was best described as “Emojis, defying all design principles, and Arial font on A4

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Photo by Gede Wirahadi Pradnyana

Escape Retreats – Website

Website for Escape Retreats   Escape Retreats isn’t a real coliving space in Bali, but a girl trapped in Berlin during the winter can dream.   My objective for this project was to create a brand identity and web design for a coliving space. It

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betahaus – Onboarding Emails

betahaus Onboarding Emails betahaus needed a simplified onboarding email sequence that would onboard new members to their coworking space. So, we collaborated with Lenny Leiter to produce off-kilter GIFs to brand the series and paired it with short-and-sweet copy with the simple goal of getting

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betahaus – Team Headshots

betahaus Headshots   Headshots can be completely run-of-the-mill and boring, but that’s not what we were going for here. We staged these portraits around the team member’s favorite parts of the building to feature space and design elements in conjunction with the headshots. No two

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betahaus – Event Spaces

  Copywriting for betahaus Event Spaces   betahaus has six completely beautiful event spaces that they rent out for everything from backyard concert series to creative workshops to conferences.    Our opportunity was to capture the unique character of each room, highlighting the dynamism, “made-by-us

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betahaus – Coworking

Copywriting for   betahaus is one of Europe’s first coworking spaces. And it’s definitely the coolest. Over the last 10 years, an idea that started in a warehouse in Kreuzberg has grown floor-by-floor into a global network of coworking spaces.   Our challenge was

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