About This Project

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betahaus is one of Europe’s first coworking spaces. And it’s definitely the coolest. Over the last 10 years, an idea that started in a warehouse in Kreuzberg has grown floor-by-floor into a global network of coworking spaces.


Our challenge was to expand membership in a way that still speaks to the misfits and innovators. To welcome freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, remote workers, and creatives who have long used the coworking space, but also larger teams who want a flexible private office space with community.


For this project, we started by defining personas and clarifying the key features of each membership type. We then created an overview page directing prospective members to a unique web page tailored to their values. The final product was conversational web copy that plays with imagery to communicate the brand.


Photography by Dominik Tryba and Web Design by Maria Pena