Build Your Damn Website is a step-by-step video workshop for service businesses that makes the process super easy.

Build Your Damn Website - Featured

You probably didn't start your business to make websites.

But the reality of being a small business owner is that no matter how much you would rather focus on everything else you do (and gosh, I know it’s a lot), you really do need a website. Ideally, it should be a pretty good one, too.

Hear me out. Building a website is really freaking hard. Even with drag-and-drop builders. Even if you’ve built a website before. Even if you have a friend of a friend who will do it for free, taking the DIY approach to your website will pull you away from the things that you set out to do.

That’s where Build Your Damn Website comes in. Whether it’s time, money, or overwhelm keeping you from getting your website up, this workshop gives you the structure you need to make it happen.

it's for you if you're...

A Creative or Service Business

who wants to create a high-impact website, but are struggling to find the time to make it happen.​

Ready to DIY your website

whether it's costs or curiosity driving your decision to DIY your website, this workshop is designed for people who would rather learn the steps themselves.

Doing things differently

You’re not looking for generic. And you're ready to invest time and energy into creating something unique that really reflects your business.

How does BUILD Your Damn Website work?

Let me tell you

1. Get the workshop.

2. Complete a planning module where we walk you through everything from design to creating your site structure.

3. Now it’s time to learn how to setup your website in Squarespace. Choose from eight professionally designed templates as your basis.

4. Modify the template with  colors, fonts, imagery, and content that reflect your unique brand.

5. Go live! By following the steps in the workshop, it’s possible to have a one-page website built and published within a week.

What other people say


This workshop will take the overwhelm and uncertainty out of your DIY website. It’s going to be an easy-to-follow process packed with walkthrough videos, tips, and recommendations. And it’s designed just for businesses like yours.

There are infinite customization options! While you're using a Squarespace template, I give you the tools to make every line of copy authentically yours. Your website won’t be the same as anyone else who completes the workshop.

Complete this workshop and you’ll have a Squarespace website that's completely done and ready to publish within the week.

Hear that? Website. Done.

Taylor of More Outlandish

I'm Taylor, and I started More Outlandish to Make You Look Cooler Online

More Outlandish is a small collective of (mostly friends!) who work as freelance web designers, copywriters, designers, marketing specialists, and photographers who believe in outlandish ideas and new ways of doing things.

Our whole thing at More Outlandish is making community-based businesses and creative entrepreneurs look really good online with bold websites, authentic copywriting, and photography magic. 


$ 129
  • A 3-part video workshop that walks you through planning, building and growing your website.
  • Planning organizer with resources for buying a domain, choosing photos, and selecting a theme
  • 8 Squarespace theme recommendations, curated for a business like yours
  • Content recommendations for the core pages of your website
  • BONUS video workshop on SEO, getting traffic, and how to promote your new website