Plan Your Damn Website
is a workshop that makes
your DIY website super easy.

Because making a great website can be really f***ing hard.

Plan Your Damn Website - Workshop

Plan Your Damn Website is a VIDEO workshop created for creatives and service businesses who want to DIY their website. I'll walk you through 9 steps you can take right now that will make building your own website super easy.


  • 1x on demand video that walks you through the process of setting up your website.
  • A 9-step checklist so you can complete the steps as you go.
  • A Design Challenge template where you can organize your logos, colors, and font selections.
Taylor of More Outlandish

I'm Taylor, and I started More Outlandish to Make You Look Cooler Online

More Outlandish is a small collective of (mostly friends!) who work as freelance web designers, copywriters, designers, marketing specialists, and photographers who believe in outlandish ideas and new ways of doing things.

Our whole thing at More Outlandish is making community-based businesses and creative entrepreneurs look really good online with bold websites, authentic copywriting, and photography magic. 


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Plan Your Damn Website - Workshop