Our Fave Squarespace templates
for therapists

Why start your therapist website from a blank page when you can use a super slick, professionally designed template?

What we like: Designed by us! earthy. minimal.
WHAT WE LIKE: Designed for therapists, calming
WHAT WE LIKE: Designed for therapists, calming
What we like: few photos needed, unique design
What we like: Youthful, minimal, airy



Build Your Damn Website is a new workshop created for you if you’re a creative or service business owner who wants to DIY your website using Squarespace. It includes…

Plan Your Damn Website (Video Workshop) A self-paced planning workshop. I’ll walk you through the 9 first steps to planning out your website including which platform to choose, web design basics, registering a domain, etc. (est. 2 hours)

Build Your Damn Website (Video Workshop) A self-paced video that walks you through setting up your website using Squarespace. I’ll show you how to install your template, setup pages, update your branding, and make edits to your website. I’ll then walk you through how to clean up your website and set up pages with demo content while you work on writing your website. (est. 2-3 hours)

BONUS Grow Your Damn Website (Video Workshop) Your website is live! In this short bonus workshop, you’ll learn the basics of SEO and how to promote your new website.

A DIY website can be a huge project. But when you plan your website ahead of time, you’ll make the process of building your website so much faster and painless-er. Ya ready?


A “theme” is the tool that you use to change the look and layout of your website. In Squarespace, this is called a “template.” Rather than starting your therapist website from a blank page, you might choose a Squarespace template for therapists that looks a lot like you want your website to look. From there, you can swap in your own imagery, copy, and colors to make it your own.

You can move sections around, and add new sections with minimal effort. Some templates are available for free within Squarespace, but you can also buy premium themes that will make your website look slick with minimal effort.

All of the themes highlighted here use Squarespace and it’s visual, drag-and-drop page builder.

How do Squarespace templates work?

Squarespace is an all-in-one platforms that offers hosting, CMS, and a site builder with one subscription. 

Start by setting up your plan. If you choose a free template (Squarespace), you can install it in one click as part of your setup process. If you’re going with a paid template, the theme designer will need to set up your Squarespace site and install the template for you. For other themes, use the theme documentation to learn how to upload the theme to your dashboard and install demo content. If you’re a beginner, you can always hire us just to take care of the installation.

Then you can go ahead and add your own content! You can reference Squarespace Learning Center to customize as you go.

NOTE: The templates featured above are just a small selection of the Squarespace templates that are available! if you see a design you like more in one of these shops, go for it! Just take a look at the content to make sure it will work for your therapist website before you commit.


Both can be a great option. If you’re planning a simple website (5-8 pages) an are happy with the layout of your selected Squarespace template, building your own therapist website is totally doable! You can check out our workshops to help make your DIY website project high-impact and easy.

When you might choose to hire someone to build your therapist website is if you’ve got a more complex website, you’re migrating an old website to a new one, or you simply would rather spend the money and save yourself the time and energy. As a result, you have the assurance your website is professionally designed and doing the hard work for you. Learn more about our web design services for therapists.