A copywriting workbook that makes writing your mental health website
super easy.

Because writing copy for your Coaching, counseling, or therapy website can be really f***ing hard.

Copywriting Workbook - Therapists, Coaches, Mental Health

it's for you if you're...

A Therapist, Counselor, or Coach

who wants to completely transform your brand, website, and entire sales process with some kickass copy, but are struggling to make it happen.​

Working on your website

either starting from scratch or making it better. And you're desperately seeking structure and easy-to-follow formulas so you can stop wasting time and get that baby live.​

Doing things differently

You’re not looking for generic. And you're ready to dig deep into your brand and create website copy that is more authentic, compelling, and *dare I say* just better than most other websites out there.

It's not just you.

I can’t even tell you how many coaches, counselors, or therapists have a really clear vision of who they are and what they do. Then the minute they sit down to write their website?


✨ POOF ✨ “Now, I swear I had the words just a minute ago…”


Writing may be a creative endeavor, but copywriting is almost a science. Seriously. We’ve got formulas and everything.


If copy is the thing keeping you from getting your website up, but you don’t think you have the [time/budget/energy/skills] to make it happen, this could be just the thing you’re looking for. 


Copywriting for Therapists, Coaches, & Counselors is a 49-page Mad Libs style, fill-in-the-blanks workbook that makes writing the homepage for your mental health website uncomplicated and high impact.

I've had the pleasure of working with Taylor since 2017. She not only handles the copy + content for my business but for many of my clients as well who are coaches, therapists, wellness practitioners and service providers. To have a copywriter + content strategist who truly understands the nuances of the industry and is fluent in Online Marketing is rare. Taylor is gifted at bringing order to chaos and taking scattered ideas, notes and concepts and turning them into authentic, clear messaging that feels authentic, original and powerful! I'm always in awe of how effective she is at bringing my personality through. Thank you Taylor, I absolutely love working with you!

Paige R., Conscious Business Coach

How does it work?

Let me tell you

  • Download your 49+ page workbook with worksheets, prompts, and word lists that will help you write your homepage.
  • Complete guided brand and ideal client exercises to discover words and phrases that authentically describe what you do.
  • Go through a sample homepage section-by-section (hero, introduction, about, services, testimonials, and more).
  • Complete fill-in-the-blank exercises to create catchy headlines,  easy-to-read descriptions, and clickable calls to action.
  • Plug your unique copy into your website and get it live!

Taylor is a true professional and a joy to work with. Since she has grown her own brand, she knew exactly how I was feeling, which made me feel in safe hands. Taylor built my coaching website from scratch and provided a simple and low maintenance social media strategy. The new clients I now have are testament to her work. I couldn't have gotten where I am without her.

Tom Pagliaro, Youth Coach


This workbook will take the overwhelm and uncertainty out of writing copy for your website. It’s going to be an easy-to-follow process with journaling exercises, word lists, and prompts. And it’s designed just for businesses like yours.

There are infinite customization options! While it’s fill-in-the-blank style, I give you the tools to make every line of copy authentically yours. Your website won’t be the same as anyone else who completes the workbook.

Complete this workbook and you’ll have homepage copy that’s completely ready to go.

Hear that? Website. Done.

We're more outlandish and we make you look cooler online.


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Our whole thing at More Outlandish is making community-based businesses and creative entrepreneurs look really good online with bold websites, authentic copywriting, and photography magic. 



$ 79
  • 49+ pages of worksheets, prompts, and word lists to help you write your homepage
  • Infinite variations so you can create a website that represents your business authentically.
  • Created just for therapists, coaches, and counselors.